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Consumer Food Safety Tips

30 April 2018
Get to know the restaurant you are eating in. Check out what people are saying about the restaurant or take a visit to see the place beforehand. Take a look at restaurant reviews and do a social media check.

Does the place look clean? Usually the cleanliness of the main areas and servers is an indicator of the cleanliness of the unseen places such as the kitchen. Make sure the toilets are clean and the place is well lit. Also make sure the counters are not dusty and you don’t see any pests.

Is your food properly cooked? Make sure that meats such as chicken and hamburgers are not served undercooked or raw. There should be no pink meat. If there is, don’t be afraid to send it back.

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Hot food should be served steaming hot and cold foods need to be served cold. If your hot food is served cold, don’t be afraid to send it back. Also, foods should be not kept at room temperature for long amounts of time.

Properly handle your left overs. Take food home within 2 hours of eating out and refrigerate immediately. Make sure to eat it within 1 or 2 days after fully reheating the food.

Do you have any allergies? Let the server know what your allergies in order to avoid any risk of contaminated food. A good reminder can be life saving!

Pay attention at the buffet line. Not just to the way the food looks but also to how the food is kept. Make sure that hot foods are kept on steam tables or above burners. Also, make sure to take a look at the cleanliness of the place.

Followed our tips and still got sick? Please contact Dubai Municipality at 800900 and let us know!